Is Pharmacy School Hard?

Is pharmacy school hard? If I had a dollar each time, I got this question, my bank account would read different. When I got into SOP, I had friends tell me how hard the next 5 years of my life were going to be and like any millennial, I dived into the internet googling what episode of Jumanji I had just signed for. I read articles on end, but none painted an actual picture of what to expect. Now, 3 years in, I can give a bluntly candid answer.

So, is pharmacy school hard?

The short version of the answer is yes. Pharmacy is a hard course but a totally doable one nonetheless. I would not say the content taught is hard to grasp especially having met the academic requirements to take on the course. Intense, intense would be the word to describe it. Picture drinking water from a fire hydrant. You are required to grasp a lot in a short period of time.

The number of units per semester might be double those taken by your friends in other fields, making classes more and contact hours just as much. Between the pharmaceutical sciences and the chemistry, the physiology and the microbiology to the reports you are expected to turn in, the papers you have to study for and the pass mark you are required to meet, it could get overwhelming. However, with good time management, study skills that work for you is and passion for the profession, you can hack it. Remember, confidence and hard work are the best medicine to kill the disease called failure – Abdul Kalam

As involving as the course is, it is also fun, exciting, interesting and highly rewarding especially in light of what you are working towards. You get to make amazing friends and cross paths with the great people carving their names and making milestones in healthcare. Given how vast the field is, there are countless career paths to explore, from research to retail to hospital pharmacy, to find the field that excites you most. It also does not hurt that you look awesome in that white lab coat.

There will be nights you will forego sleep to meet a deadline or study for a paper, there will be a unit or two you will struggle with, you might even have to resit one but there will be days during your ward rounds patients will thank you for taking care of them or even catch a possible drug and drug interaction every one missed and nothing beats that feeling. The lives of our future patients depend on how hard we work today.

What are your experiences? Please comment below and share your thoughts.


    • Hahaa,this is so relatable????????the fact that you realize everyone else is also struggling under the gargantuan load of information ????but looking back you realize it’s actually quite an interesting journey.

    • Afterall,it’s worth the struggle,the late nights,the many assignments and classes,the feeling like giving up that obviously sets in once in a while, it’s by passion that we persevere all this .
      Good job????????????????

  1. ????????????????????good thing you didn’t forget to mention the nights a pharm student’s house
    is the only one with lights on at 2am ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️because of an upcoming paper!

  2. I don’t know how pharmacy compares with other medical courses but it’s not a cake walk.So far I can say stress management and time management seem to be the key.Also “work smart “and it will only be a matter of “putting in the hours “

  3. Daaaamn, this is so encouraging. Getting it at the right time. Yeah sure I agree that Pharmacy is an exciting and rewarding career, but at the same time it’s not for everyone????????. Just need a big commitment both academically and financially.
    Just ask yourself ‘Why do I want to become a pharmacist?’, learn about the diverse roles a pharmacist can play in different settings and focus on the intrinsic qualities not the extrinsic characteristics. It’s rewarding at the end????

    • Totally agree with you on this, it requires alot of commitment and dedication, but at the same time its important to have some fun along the way, have a group of friends around you that help make the journey abit interesting. Atleast that’s what helps me get by????

    • I always wonder why we had to learn so much within a very short period of time hence making it a very demanding course yet most of us only apply 30-50% of what we learn in school.
      At times I wish they could review that pharmacy curriculum so that it would make sense in when practising.

      It’s however a very fullfilling course ones you embrace and practice it with love and passion for your patients.

  4. Yeah, true… Pharm is kind of a rough road…
    But the prospect of the crucial job a pharmacist does and the satisfaction that comes with it makes all the hustle worth it.

  5. I think I finally understand why you do what you do. And it’s great ????
    Also I love the writing ❤️
    Great work!

  6. Aki ya Mungu???? Si mara moja nmeskia kaa its too much but with classmates who are there who nudge you it gets easier. You cannot be forced to take pharmacy.

  7. It takes great effort, dedication and support from friends and colleagues to get through BPHARM and thrive. But all in all, with God’s help, one is able to pass from one semester upto the tenth semester successfully. ????????????????

  8. It’s kinda a draining course…
    But the prospect of serving humanity, and the crucial role you as a pharmacist will play,, makes the hustle worth it.

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